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The health, safety and our staff and students is the main priority when returning to class. Please take special care to read our regulations, these are not just for Brighton Aerial Arts but enforced by the Hove Business Centre and must be adhered to at all times. To help minimise contamination please take extra care to respect your fellow students and leave the building as clean as you found it. If you show any symptoms at all PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CLASS.

Prior to class:

● Only travel to class with your own household or someone from your “support bubble.”

● Please wait socially distanced and wearing a mask outside the building,  do not arrive sooner than 5 mins prior to the class start time.

● Ensure that you have washed/sanitised your hands upon entering the building, hand sanitiser will be provided at the sign in desk

● Ensure you have scanned the governments track and trace system. 

● Please bring minimal belongings with you to class (avoid bulky bags) and come fully dressed and ready for class, there will not be any changing facilities available.  The upstairs toilets are no longer in use, please use the loo in the disabled toilets on the ground floor.

During class:

● Do not enter the classroom/venue at any time. If there is a class in session prior to yours, please wait outside in order to let the previous class leave before entering the building. 

● Doors will open 5 minutes prior to the class start, if there is a class before you, please give them time to leave the building in single file. Please enter the building in single file and sign in 1 at a time.

●Upon entering the studio please walk along the wall and place your belongings 2 metres away from other students.

● aSanitising station will be available in the ha;; so that you can sanitise hands and clean equipment between uses.

● Please do not wander around the room during class and stick to the apparatus allocated.

● There will only be spotting if it is necessary, (if  the risk of injury is higher than the risk of covid). Your instructor will not intervene unless the student has put themselves in a dangerous situation. All classes are carefully planned to only include moves, poses that can be taught safely from a distance. Please take extra precaution to listen to your teacher and ask for extra guidance if you feel unsure about any instructions.


Post class:

● Please ensure you  sign out, sanitise and leave the venue promptly to reduce the amount of people gathering. Please take all your belongings with you, anything left in the building will be thrown away.


● Exit using the entrance door of the venue and ensure that social distancing is still taking place.

● It is your responsibility to ensure you have sanitised your hands before leaving.

Hand Sanitizer & cleaning products will be available from the moment you walk in and for the whole duration of your class. You are responsible for sanitizing your hands/equipment before using it and making sure you are always a safe social distance from your instructor and fellow students. All equipment is either santized between classes or rotated (so that equipment can be isolated for a min of 72 hours between uses). Hand washing facilities are in the ground floor disabled toilet. 

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