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For Improver level 2 + students & professionals only

We offer rigging point hire for experienced students and professionals wanting to train outside of our class schedules. Only insured professionals may train alone in the studio and will be asked to provide your paperwork prior to booking. Non insured students are permitted to train in small groups if they wish to hire their own rigging points to train. All private hire attendee's must fill out our liability waiver and rigging induction forms prior to booking.
These can be found on our website in the 'Forms'page.










Equipment includes:
Aerial Hoop (90/95/100cm)
Trapeze (1.5m rope)
Aerial Hammock
6 x 5cm folding mats
12x yoga mats
Resistance bands
Wall Pull up bar 
Ankle weights 

Rigging Info:
6 x swivel ceiling points
3m high ceiling
5x7m studio

To make a booking, find out more info or inquire into studio availability please email


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